To begin, you must choose the target feature that you want to explore.

Select the target feature to explore

To choose the target feature that you want to explore:
  1. Review the list of available features in the Select Target view.
  2. Use the Search field to filter on acceleration.
  3. On the Acceleration feature summary, click Select Target.

    Set acceleration feature as target

    Distil automatically sends you to the next step, adding the feature to the model definition and listing a sample of actual acceleration values.

    Sample of values for selected target (acceleration)

The target you select determines the type of results the model will generate.

Feature type Model type Prediction Results
Continuous Regression Numerical value Correct and incorrect predictions based on a configurable distance from the actual target feature values
Categorical Classification Category Correct and incorrect predictions based the actual target feature category
Timeseries Forecasting Numerical values over time Forecasted values for the last 10% of timeseries data

Acceleration is a continuous feature that will produce regression results.

Next steps

Select the features that you think should predict the target feature.